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English available

Our team of specialists has had extensive experience abroad and can converse in English and Chinese.

Family practice

Our goal is to give you the absolute best medical service possible by our team of specialists. We will become your home doctors no matter if you are a child, adult or senior citizen. Please feel free to contact and visit us if we can be of assistance.

In house pharmacy

We have a pharmacy on the premises. It is easy to pickup your medications. Most prescribed medicine can be provided without the wait. we are committed to deliver Safe , Reliable and Hassle free medical care to our customers.


All the following vaccines are available with an appointment. (at least one week before the requested date) DTP, MR, BCG, Polio, Mumps, Japanese Encephalitis, Chickenpox, Rotavirus, Meningitis, HepatitisA/B, Cholera,Rabies, Pneumococcus, HPV, HiB


We have close relationship with Top level Specialists and Hospital. St. Luke’s International Hospital, Hiroo Hospital, Tokyo Red Cross medical Center etc. And after outside visits, our services are always open to you anytime.

Patient First! Quick,Appropriate,Accurate

patient first

Our philosophy is Patients First! We are more than glad to listen to any of your complaints, problems and fears and offer advice, therapy and treatment.

Please don’t hesitate to confide in us if we can be of assistance.

Internal medicine
For all symptoms including headaches, stomach trouble, breathing trouble, high blood pressure, kidney trouble, diabetes, lifestyle-related diseases, bronchial related issues and others, we can give immediate top-level treatment and assistance.
General surgery
If you are suffering from external injuries, scars, wounds or other problems, we can assist you through plastic surgery in recovery. We also offer treatment for thyroid problems and skin tumors.
Children have many types of illnesses such as common colds, stomach trouble, allergies, bronchial problems, fevers, wounds, bone fractures and other problems. We can give immediate and top-level treatment. In addition, we can treat your children
For all symptoms including bladder inflammation, urinary problems, prostate problems, male infertility problems, erectile dysfunction, STD diagnosis and others.
Travel medicine
If you are traveling abroad, we can offer complete medical examinations, vaccinations, treatment for motion sickness, mountain sickness and others. You can feel free to consult us on any issue.
IV therapy
We offer and guarantee safety with a vast number of treatments including placenta, alternative therapy, anti-aging, beauty therapy, general fatigue treatments and others.


2F, LY nishiazabu 3-17-20
nishiazabu minatoku, Tokyo 106-0031
  • Please prepare guarantee of payment in advance!
  • We can provide appropriate medical statements and itemized receipts for persons with individual health insurance who intend to file for refunds from their insurers.
  • 5min walk from Roppongi Hills
  • 8min walk from Hiroo st.